Me and laireshi got a 4 hours long trip (thanks to traffic jams) to reach a place we couldn’t visit because as soon as we were far enough from the car it started to rain so hard I couldn’t see what was in front of my face.
Now going home


nohaijiachi is a menace who hasn’t warned me there’d be Casualties of War in a tpb I picked up and then flashed The Confession panels at me.

so apparently laireshi it’s my secretary

I’m at Fiumicino waiting for laireshi and I’m not freaking out.

(I’m totally freaking out)

A day in this house, she already does this to climb on my desk for the only purpose of sleeping on my work

nope. i’ll talk about superior iron man.

You’ll do that, I’ll stick my fingers in my ears loudly singing this

Jenna and I are coping by power streaming Star Trek episodes every night and pretending it doesn’t exist haha

That’s a good plan. I’m totally ok with letting my mind think of epic adventures in the land of Hyrule rather than crying about comics (crying for the wrong reasons, I’m totally ok about crying on comics for the right reasons.)
Maybe if I play, like, really slowly I’ll manage to keep my brain concentrated on TLOZ for the next two years and not think about comics at all.

hello noha we’re seeing each other in one day and 19 hours if my maths is correct and let me tell you, YOU WILL CRY ABOUT COMICS FOR THE NEXT WEEK WITH ME

I’m totally ok with crying because feels, but I’ll still try my best being in denial about the editorial line Marvel it’s about to take (why can’t hickman just write, like, everything forever)

I think the only thing that’s preserving my sanity in all this Iron Man bullshitter-y is the fact that I’ve been slowly replaying all my Zelda games for the past month, and the fact that I’m too stupid to concentrate on two fandoms at time so I haven’t been thinking too hard about all the train wrecking that’s about to come in the comics side of my brain.

Carbone is also missing a finger, have no idea how she got hurt, but I guess she wanted to keep up the trend of me picking up kitties with problems

She’s been sitting on my legs for the past hour, constantly purring.
And I brought her home yesterday. You’re one smart kitty.